C-PAY Case Study: Village Cinemas Australia

The Company

A member of the Village-Roadshow group of companies, Village Cinemas Australia is one of Australia's leading exhibitors of motion picture films. They operate or jointly manage over 35 cinema sites in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania and are headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria.

The Challenge

While operating an off-line credit card process, Village Cinemas were experiencing an unreasonable amount of credit card fraud and charge-backs from sales at POS. A long search had been undertaken to find a seamless real-time credit card processing solution and the cost and functional limitations of a traditional hardware solution would have severely limited its ability to overcome the problem. In addition, the large financial commitment would restrict the business' ability to change banking arrangements should the need arise.

"Our first objective was to eliminate credit card fraud but not impact cost or queue times.- Financial Controller

C-PAY Real-Time was chosen by Village Cinemas to implement a credit card process that would allow the optimum balance of processing performance and risk mitigation; while offering the lowest possible implementation cost and development time. C-PAY Real-Time also affords Village Cinemas the flexibility to change merchant arrangements without any affect on their ticketing systems or business processes.

"We had waited a long time for a solution to our problem and then we found C-PAY..the great thing is that they speak business language, not just technical."- Financial Controller

How C-PAY Met the Challenge

The C-PAY functionality was easily incorporated into the business' new ticketing system using the ActiveX control provided in the C-PAY Software Developer's Kit. The first implementation was at the Sunshine Cinemas in Victoria; from which the C-PAY server managed transactions across the Wide-Area-Network back to a payment gateway situated at the Head Office. When the EFT network was unavailable, C-PAY was configured to allow processing according to local credit rules.

"C-PAY gives us visibility to our payments that we had previously only dreamed of. it is music to the finance department's ears."- Financial Controller

After a short trial period, C-PAY was progressively implemented into the other Village Cinema sites in concert with the new ticketing system. Sites that were not initially set up with banking configurations used C-PAY's off-line functionality to batch transactions until they could seamlessly switch to real-time processing. The real-time change occurred without any alterations to the ticketing systems or sales processes.

"We can now process credit card transactions at all times, through all POS terminals and not have to worry about system development costs should the banking arrangements change.- IT Application Development Manager

C-PAY's interim approval functionality allows Village Cinema sites to maintain 100% credit card processing capability in spite of network or bank outages.

C-PAY's distributed interface allows Village Cinemas to deploy robust real-time credit card processing for a fraction of the cost of the hardware alternative.

"C-PAY is the electronic payments co-ordination centre and intermediary between our other systems and the bank which keeps everything fast and efficient." - Financial Controller

Its configurable error handling has allowed management to pre-define and automate many of the activities that would otherwise have to be decided by young and often inexperienced staff.

"C-PAY's logging and reporting allows us to completely reconcile our credit card payments."- Credit Manager

If banking arrangements change, C-PAY will save Village Cinemas thousands of dollars in redevelopment costs.

The Results

  • 100% credit card processing availability
  • Real time credit card processing capability at every POS
  • Acquiring bank independence
  • Detailed reconciliation reporting


With C-PAY interfacing to their Vista ticketing system, Village Cinemas Australia were able to achieve significant operational improvements. Highest amongst their benefits was an ability to deploy automated credit card processing to all POS terminals at a fraction of the cost of the hardware alternative.