C-PAY Case Study: Simon Richards Group

The Company

SRG Data Sell provides a "one stop" tailored direct marketing service for any business. SRG Data Sell operates from two sites in Port Melbourne, with a site at Fennell Street servicing primarily integrated clients of the Group, and a larger 220 seat call centre at Bertie St handling direct project work and ongoing activity from external consultants and agencies.

Both sites employ state of the art contact management systems offering unified messaging, sophisticated reporting and CRM integration, including web enhancement. Order processing systems are linked to addressing and banking modules for maximum efficiency. Inbound and outbound contact facilities are backed up with data entry, data processing and fulfilment capability to complete the order-handling loop.

SRG Data Sell maintains some of Australasia's most well known organisations as clients. The client base is diverse including Telecommunications Providers, Financial Institutions, Car Manufacturers, Real Estate Developers, Insurance Companies and Federal and State Government Departments.

The Challenge

Prior to the introduction of C-PAY all credit card payments were taken off-line and later manually submitted via a single EFT terminal. If the payment subsequently failed, the customer had to be recontacted and database entries updated accordingly. In the case when banking systems were down, the data entry operators could do no more than wait for reconnection. This continual rework and process inefficiency affected cash flow, human resourcing, systems support and product fulfilment.

"Using the swipe was labour intensive and time consuming to set up merchant accounts. we couldn't do parallel processing for multiple merchants." - Shane Jackson, Manager, Contact Centre Systems

C-PAY Real Time was introduced by SRG - Data Sell to allow them to quickly implement real-time credit card payment processing for multiple merchant accounts across all payment channels (contact centre operators, IVR and Web site). It also gave SRG - Data Sell the ability to add or remove payment gateways and banking arrangements without the need to reengineer their customer facing systems.

"Before we had C-PAY, processing payments meant that all details had to be double handled at all times. this meant time wasting and frustration for all involved." - Shamus Johnston, Account Manager

How C-PAY Met the Challenge

Using the C-PAY ActiveX control, C-PAY Real Time was rapidly incorporated into the Contact Centre systems at Bertie Street, Port Melbourne. After a number of successful campaigns involving multiple merchant accounts, the C-PAY Software Developer's Kit was used to implement a Windows-sockets interface to the IVR system and an off-site Customer Management System. To complete integration of all payment channels, C-PAY Web Master will be implemented on the SRG - Data Sell web server. This will allow SRG - Data Sell to offer clients an Internet payment channel that has immediate access to the existing business rules, reporting and gateway management functionality.

"C-PAY gives us a single point of reference for problem identification and the information to resolve the situation." - Shamus Johnston, Account Manager

C-PAY Real Time allowed SRG - Data Sell to run multiple concurrent campaigns through a single banking interface while tailoring the flow of data and reporting to suit the needs of each client. Account managers used the functionality of C-PAY Administrator to produce standard reports for reconciliation, campaign analysis and dispute resolution.

"C-PAY handles the arbitration of parallel multiple merchant transactions so we don't have to build that functionality into our front-of-house systems." - Shane Jackson, Manager, Contact Centre Systems

At the request of a major client, a second bank interface was implemented and C-PAY Real Time was configured to route specific transactions to the new bank for processing. As the major client's processing requirements changed a decision to move banks came about. With C-PAY Real Time implemented as the middleware for all credit card payment flows, SRG - Data Sell immediately switched the client between banks and payment gateways without any effect to their in-house or off-site customer systems.

The presence of C-PAY Real Time has saved SRG - Data Sell and their clients a great deal of time and system development costs.

"With C-PAY installed processing payments is a seamless process. It has saved hours and hours of administration." - Shamus Johnston, Account Manager

The Results

  • Rapid deployment of multiple concurrent payment campaigns, across multiple payment channels, using multiple merchant accounts and disparate payment gateways
  • Insulates customer facing systems from problems and changes to the banking interface
  • Simplified and immediate reporting
  • Rapid problem identification and payment dispute resolution


Managing the workflow requirements of multiple merchants across multiple sales channels, the C-PAY middleware allows SRG - Data Sell to rapidly deploy real-time credit card payment related campaigns without a need to continually redevelop the banking or in-house system interfaces. C-PAY's ability to marry banking data together with internal account and payment channel information provides SRG - Data Sell with a simple and accurate means of financial reporting and dispute resolution.