C-PAY Real-Time


C-PAY Real Time enhances the functionality and reliability of all systems involved in the real time processing of credit card payments.

C-PAY Real Time is an intelligent middleware between customer systems, in-house and payment processing interfaces (e.g. gateways). It imposes a set of graphically configurable, management defined business rules for optimising the flow of transaction data, the handling of errors and regulation of device and user access.

Because data-flows between payment channels and gateways can be automated, removed or configured without any need for development; C-PAY gives you the fastest and most flexible means of implementing real time payments combined with the lowest ongoing cost of ownership.


  • Simple and rapid integration to business applications
  • Avoids costly systems integration of payment gateways and EFT terminals
  • Simultaneous management of multiple disparate payment gateways and devices
  • Priority queuing of transactions according to origin of payment
  • Transaction routing according to origin of payment
  • Transaction re-routing in times of gateway error
  • Pre-processing according to local credit rules
  • Immediate log access for problem resolution
  • Reports combine internal data with bank data
  • Multiple report formats and customisable data filters
  • Distinguish between date received and date bank settled
  • Operator login and lockout security
  • Administrator access restrictions and usage auditing
  • Configurable operator account restrictions
  • Past payments lookup on account or card number
  • Configurable automated response to specified error conditions
  • "Interim Approvals" allow continuous processing during times of EFT network outage
  • Enhanced error messaging on payment request denial
  • "Up sell" scripting while waiting for transaction to process
  • External application execution in response to pre-defined errors
  • Independently capacity to manage multiple merchants through a single gateway
  • Fraud Control via multiple hot lists

A Look Inside...

Multiple Payment Gateway Management

Payment gateways each have their own interface rules and messages. In order to make use of a payment gateway, internal systems must be configured so that they can send and receive messages in predefined formats and sequences.

C-PAY Real Time provides a single point of interface for all in-house systems and handles the translation and delivery of the message to the gateways of choice. Via predefined routing rules, C-PAY Real Time gives every in-house system access to any installed payment gateway. Routing rules can be based on any facet of the payment request, from point of origin, to card type, to time of day. By using the routing rules to switch processing load between available payment gateways, C-PAY Real Time provides your business with a highly reliable and highly performing real time payment process.

Response Actions

The Response Actions module allows C-PAY Real Time to assess the payment gateway or bank's response to each credit request and apply a predefined action. This action may include approval, denial, an automated reroute and/or retry or an "interim" approval for transactions that conform to a local risk profile.

Not all credit requests are denied because of insufficient funds in a customer's account. Many are because of local system or banking network communications errors. By setting Response Actions to reroute or "interim" approve these transactions, C-PAY Real Time can maintain a business' processing capability while minimising business risk. Using intelligent caching and re-prioritisation, all interim approved transactions are automatically submitted to the appropriate payment gateway when system load decreases.


The standard reports included with C-PAY Real Time allows financial staff to apply a number of pre-defined formats to any date range of transactions and further sort them through fully configurable filters.

Because C-PAY Real Time combines internal account data with that returned by the payment gateway and/or bank; system analysis, reconciliation and issue resolution are greatly improved.


The Operators module controls access to the C-PAY Real Time server. Its role includes: constraining payment devices and users to specific accounts, regulation of the maximum value allowed by a login against each transaction type (including refunds and pre-authorisations) and prioritisation of transactions dependent on their origin.

By applying this control between the payment gateways and in-house systems, C-PAY Real Time removes the 'one size fits all' functionality of most payment gateways. Priority is of particular importance as it allows a business to predefine which users or devices receive first use of the payment gateways in times of heavy load.

Billing (Downstream) Systems

The Real-Time Feeds menu tab allows C-PAY Real Time to forward a filtered set of processed transactions to a downstream system for storage or as a trigger for further action.

When a Customer Management System has a complex user interface, the cost of alteration to incorporate a real-time payments interface may be prohibitive. C-PAY Real Time provides a C-PAY Desktop client to collect payment information outside of the Customer Management System and the Billing Systems feature takes care of directly updating the Customer Management Database after the transaction has been processed. Using the Billing Systems feature; development costs to provide real-time, end-to-end payment resolution are minimised.