C-PAY Product Suite Overview

C-PAY provides organisations with the most cost effective and simple method of implementing an automated, robust and flexible credit card payment process. The benefits of C-PAY are encapsulated in three functionally different products:

  • C-PAY Real Time enhances the functionality and reliability of all systems involved in the real time processing of credit card payments.
  • C-PAY Batch provides an organization with the most flexible and cost effective means of automating the bank submission of batched credit card payments.
  • C-PAY Reports offers a suite of advanced reporting and business intelligence tools.

C-PAY's off-the-shelf functionality replaces the majority of development effort required to automate payment processing and provides a flexible base for the easy addition of new payment channels and banking interfaces.

By removing many manual processes, C-PAY greatly reduces the on-going cost of payments processing and by being independent of the banking interfaces, allowing businesses to easily change transaction processing arrangements as they desire.

Developed in Australia over a period of several years with the input of numerous developers, business analysts and operational contact-centre staff; C-PAY brings commercially available, shrink-wrapped and warranted software to the once development-intensive area of payments processing automation.