C-PAY is an innovative approach to the integration of an enterprise's many payment channels. By distilling the business rules, security, workflows, management and reporting associated with processing payments into a shrink-wrapped product, C-PAY is a solution that can dramatically simplify and shorten the integration lifecycle whilst restoring control and flexibility to the process.

Given the rapid advances in technology development, C-PAY has been created to allow for a world where payments are made not only through traditional methods like Call Centres or IVR but also through the Internet and direct from wireless devices or kiosks. C-PAY is an open, flexible platform on which to build a payments strategy for the future, not just a process for today.


After decades of experience in systems and business analysis and software development, delivering solutions to businesses around the world, the founders of Nexsys Consulting identified a common set of business problems that were common to nearly all high-volume payment processing merchants. From this, the idea of C-PAY was formed. The first version was commercially released in 1999 and our first customer was a major media company with a large call centre. This customer is still with us and we have gone on to solve the payments processing problem for many major organizations, delivering on our promise of enabling painless payments processing. Today, we have a strong, experienced team and partner network which ensures our continuing ability to deliver to and support our clients across Australia and around the world.